Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get Ready For Zimmerman/Martin Race Riots

This whole trial is an absolute farce.  Zimmerman may have been a little paranoid and maybe shouldn't have been doing what he was doing, but he was on the phone with 911 just before the incident to report what he thought was Martin's suspicious behavior.  He was going back to his vehicle when Martin got ticked that he was being followed and jumped him.  Martin was pounding his head into the pavement when Zimmerman got off his one lucky shot that killed Martin and may have saved Zimmerman's own life.  This is self defense any way you look at it.

It was the press and the Obama administration that worked this whole thing up into a racial conflict, with the sole purpose of helping Obama's re-election campaign last year by riling up blacks and liberal white guilt.  They seem not to care now that this is going to blow up when the jury acquits Zimmerman, which is what they should do if there is any justice left in this country.

Or is this the convenient excuse they will use for DHS to make use of those billion or so bullets they have been buying?

Personally, I just thank God that I'm in Denver where we don't have a lot of blacks and any rioting would be confined to their parts of town.  I remember the Rodney King riots and how my mother, who taught in a school in south Dallas at the time, had to leave early that day to come home.  On her way out, there were already people gathering in the streets, glowering at her as she drove past, but they didn't attack her.  Also, my uncle and aunt in L.A. had to shelter-in-place, armed with a shotgun, while thugs went up and down their street, and they were in a "nice part" of L.A.  Of course we all remember what happened to Reginald Denny.


Anonymous said...

I moved out to the country. I don't expect any trouble. If trouble does happen, a riot is a great time to get away with murder.


Astrosmith said...

Holy crap that book is awesome...