Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Second Job Ideas for Astro

So what suggestions do you have for second jobs?  I'm available to work all nights except Thursdays, and every other Friday.  Apple store?  Movie theater?  Grocery store?  Or aim a bit higher like real estate agent?

All income from this other job will go towards paying off debt, so the more I can make, the better.  My regular job pays the bills but by itself can't pay off my debt.

Other money ideas?  Side business?

Time to quit whining and get working.


WaterBoy said...

"Or aim a bit higher like real estate agent?"

The time and expense required to get your license, combined with the amount of time you'd have to spend in showing properties (which would often conflict with your day job), would seem to make this a less than optimal option. If you already know something about real estate and could easily pass the exam, that would make it worthy of consideration...though you'd still have the problem with daytime showings.

It seems like a low-skill position with flexible hours would be the best option, unless you can leverage your current skill set into some kind of job -- like doing computer repair for the Geek Squad (if you ever got into that with your kids as you had planned). Otherwise, the theater/7-11 clerk/grocery clerk would fit the bill. Low wages, but it's better than nothing.

If you'd rather work early mornings than evenings, you could deliver newspapers. You'd want a very fuel-efficient vehicle for this option, though -- and even then, the pay is miniscule since it isn't hourly, IIRC.

You could try your hand at writing. I don't mean novels; more like short stories that pay by the word, working your way up to newspaper columns. The benefit of this option is that it can be done from home in your spare time, though you'd want a private space that was off-limits to children if you do it before bedtime. Given the sparseness of your blog postings, I wonder if you have this kind of time, though. ;)

Other money-making opportunities mostly fall under the "it takes money to make money" umbrella, and you'd need substantial seed money to make a go of it in most cases. The other benefit to these types of businesses is that they can generally be run from the home and the Mrs. can pitch in to help. Here are some options:

- Buying foreclosed houses and flipping or renting them can be profitable if you can do most of the work yourself. This could even lead into that part-time real estate deal, since you could then pocket the commission yourself. Even if you don't get a license, you can sell as owner and pay a simple flat fee to another realtor for listing it in the MLS for you.

- If you're mechanically inclined, you can do the same thing with automobiles. It takes substantially less money to start off with, and it's easy enough to find cheap clunkers to work on.

- Buy and sell on eBay. This is one that my sister-in-law does, but it requires a lot of space. Her house is full of stuff that she buys at clearance sales, then sells on eBay at substantial markup.

- Start a CafePress-type of business, where you sell t-shirts, mugs, etc, with witty slogans and such on them. Come up with the next smiley-face type of fad, and you could be rich!

- If you're good with your hands in the area of art/sculpting/woodworking/sewing/etc, you can make such items and sell them at flea markets and craft shows. And if you and/or the Mrs. aren't good at any of these types of activites, learn and practice them!

The biggest hindrances to making money are motivation and time. You have full control over the first, and can leverage the second towards whichever option fits you best.

Res Ipsa said...

Look for CSR customer service rep jobs. Sometimes you can work for a call center via telecommuting from home. Some of these jobs pay above average but don't have a lot of hours or benefits, which may work well for you.

WaterBoy said...


The real secret to successful investing is to be found...encoded in the Bible!


Astrosmith said...

Well hot dog, a bible money code!!!

I'll get right on that...

Giraffe said...

I was considering similar things. I have a co-worker who drives the school bus in the mornings.

My efforts had been towards trying to save money, like burning wood for heat, etc. Not much payback there, and then they raised my electric rates anyway.

Res Ipsa said...

What about driving a cab?

Astrosmith said...

there is a company here called "Be My DD" that is sort of like a private cab company / chauffeur service. You drive over to someone's house, and drive them in their car somewhere, then hang out while they are getting drunk or whatever, and then drive them home.

I don't know about that... Also, I don't really know Denver all that well. I know my part of town pretty well, but there's a lot I'm not familiar with even after 8 years of living here.

Res Ipsa said...

If you drive a cab:

1. The hours you will be most in demand will be after your normal working hours.
2. A Cab company will pay you an hourly rate, or rate per trip.
3. There are cash tips.
4. Very little is required to drive for someone else.