Monday, August 26, 2013

Misandry from the Pulpit

So we finally got back to church this weekend after a several week absence.  The service was ok, but this comment by the minister really angered me.  He was setting up the communion service, and said the ushers would pass out the wafers and cups of juice.  The men in the audience may have trouble holding both items as well as their Bibles, he said, so we should look to see what our wives do and do that, because they are better at multitasking.

That's right, you men are all too stupid to hold the little cracker and cup, now lets all remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

If I recall correctly, Jesus was a man who had no trouble holding multiple things, in fact in His hands, things were multiplied.

I am really tired of our misandrist society and culture tearing down men, and we certainly don't need to hear it from the pulpit.


jml1911a1 said...

Preach on, brother.

The church we're currently attending is having a woman teaching a mixed men/women's SS class. We're not members there (left our more conservative, but numbingly boring, church for this one), but I'm going to have to say something to someone, if only to find out what the leadership is thinking about it.

Dangit. Might have to go church shopping again...

jml1911a1 said...

I guess I forgot my point...

Rare is the man who is aware enough of the direction society is going to see the man-hatred/woman-worship and avoid it.

ajw308 said...

So, you going to talk to the preacher? Maybe get a gang of like-minded men to talk to him, iron sharpening iron, for the full effect and harder to blow off.

Res Ipsa said...


I thought my disappointments with preachers over the last couple of weeks was a problem. Yours is worse.

The real problem isn't that you are too stupid to hold more than one object. The real problem is that you will go back and let him tell you how something else is supposed to be.

Astrosmith said...

Yeah, I hear you on that last point, Res.

I really don't believe that church should be reduced to a social club, but in effect, that is what it has become for me and my family. Thus I have little incentive to go through all the trouble of getting the kids up and dressed on Sunday morning.

Our own little churchian bubble, to add to the homeschool bubble we live in with our fellow homeschoolers... We have a lot of social connections to people in this church, and my sons' Boy Scout and Cub Scout groups are sponsored by this church. My older two have been going to youth there for several months. I should sit in with them some Wednesday night to see what goes on; I may have to bite my tongue to keep from getting in an argument with the youth ministers. I know I will need earplugs to block the loud Christian rock music down in the youth center.

I may have to just suck it up, quit going to any church, crack open a Bible and teach my own family in our own little homechurch.

Res Ipsa said...

crack open a Bible and teach my own family in our own little homechurch.

OR drive across town.

Seriously though, I hear you on the social stuff. To the kids that church is part of their little world. That's were their friends are and that is a large part of their "fun". Taking that away and not replacing it with something else would be hard on them.

On the other hand, are you by way of omission letting them believe that "bad" is "good" because of tolerating this environment?

Astrosmith said...

Yes, or drive across town. :-)

At this point, Mrs. Astro and I are more concerned with what our children learn than with what we are taught.

We are considering volunteering in the sunday school rooms so that we are more aware of what is going on with what they are taught there. Also, one of our kids has a lot of problems socially and if we were with them, it might help.

Then again, is what the kids are being taught as biased as some of what the adults are taught?

Res Ipsa said...

It's hard to tell. I think that getting into the kids programs would be a good thing. Maybe try that out for awhile and see how it goes. It might prove to be more than a benefit for the kids, it just might be a good boost for you as well.

If things are irreversibly bad in that department, you will know it. It would be better able to make a decision with all the facts.

David of One said...

I know this is an old post, but I still agree with your angst and likely disgust.

I'm curious, because a few months have now past since this occurred, if things at your church has improved, stayed the same or at some level has gotten worse?

For me I have total disgust for this behavior throughout our society ... so much so that I don't want to even purchase products advertised by depreciating men in the process.