Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More than I ever wanted to know about Shiga Toxin

About two weeks ago, I started having symptoms of E. coli poisoning, although I didn't realize it for a few days.  You don't know you've got dysentery at first, until it knocks you off your feet because you can barely stand.  I finally went to the ER, where they hooked me up with some good antibiotics and I'm feeling much better now.  Whew.

You ever been in the ER as a patient?  It's really annoying.  At least when I had to get up and go down the hall to the potty, I was able to grab my IV and take myself, even if I wasn't supposed to.  People keep coming in to bother you.  The worst was the Boppsy Twins, two 20-something girls who came in to ask about my drug, tobacco, and alcohol use.  Like I would talk about that crap with little girls!  They had a hard time believing that I never smoked, but it's true.  I just looked at them and thought how easily they could probably be Gamed.  Not by me, though, being all married and sick.

How did I get the E. coli?  I can only think that I picked it up while camping the previous weekend.  Yes, I am still involved in Scouts with my sons.  Everybody didn't automatically turn gay in May, after all.  I am tracking what is happening with the new group that is forming, and my sons' Troop and Pack may decide to switch over to them.  We will see.  We have the luxury of being chartered by a church, and the new policy supposedly leaves limitations placed by churches in place.  The council people don't want to admit that it's all about money, and that it is now only a matter of time before they allow gay adults in.  I hear that BSA has major money problems, and I don't see how they will fix it.


WaterBoy said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Food poisoning is never fun.

Res Ipsa said...

I was wondering what happened to you. I'm glad you are up and at em again.

I hate the health questions too. Do you do drugs? No and I'm not going to do the ones you give me either (pain pills, steroids etc). This gets me labeled "non-compliant".
Do you drink? I'm up to 4 beers two glasses of wine and a dram or two of scotch, so far. Today? No this year. This answer really confuses them, they can't fathom someone who averages less than a drink a month.
Do you smoke? I had a Davidoff for my birthday. What??? It's a cigar I have 3 or 4 a year.

The experts never know what to do with you if you don't fit into the categories on the form. It can be fun messing with them, if you are feeling ok.

Astrosmith said...

I asked them, do you really have people confess their drug usage to you? They said that they do. I suppose if you're in the ER for something related to drug usage, you might be more willing to talk to strangers about it.

Oh well.

I treated it just like I do polygraph tests. I believe it to be useless, but I answered the questions truthfully.

In other news.... I have been able to read a bit of the historical background for my book, and I have an outline for it in my head. Now I just have to start putting my ideas down on "paper".

WaterBoy said...

It is important for people who are currently using illicit drugs, as well as legally prescribed medications, since there are potential drug interactions to pay attention to.

It would seem to be less important for occasional alcohol and tobacco users, since those chemicals don't seem to stay in the bloodstream as long in other than trace amounts...but I wouldn't necessarily want to take any chance with it. For example, some medicines used to treat severe migraine headaches can interact with nicotine, leading to severely decreased blood flow to the brain and dire side effects.

I believe patient/doctor confidentiality covers admission of illicit drug use, too. Probably HIPAA also.

Of potentially more concern, however, is if they test you for drugs without your consent.

WaterBoy said...

Astrosmith: "The council people don't want to admit that it's all about money, and that it is now only a matter of time before they allow gay adults in. I hear that BSA has major money problems, and I don't see how they will fix it."

1. Have some members break off into a new scouting-like group, but leave some behind in the old BSA group.

2. Have the BSA group raise money by selling all the BSA-owned campgrounds and other assets to conservative philanthropists, who will turn around and donate those assets to the new group.

3. Leave the old group to those who want it. Once they spend all the money, they'll have to disband unless they can find a new source of revenue.

Of course, the new group will face the same problem of how to get revenue to keep going...but at least they'll have the land on which to conduct their activities.

(Facetious offering, as numerous court actions would actually prevent implementation of the plan. You're on your own, kid.)