Monday, November 11, 2013

Maintaining Frame in the Feminist Lair

So we were having dinner after church on Saturday night with some friends, and they told us about a marriage seminar they attended.  This seminar is part of a program called the National Marriage Project, which is a government sponsored program with the worthy goal of helping people strengthen their marriages.  Being govt sponsored, the program is secular in nature, and as our friends found out, is steeped in feminist ideology.

My friend, though, was able to maintain frame in the seminar without even knowing what "frame" is: he stood his ground against some of their silliest points even when the speakers and all the wives (except his) ganged up on him.  And his wife stood her ground when cornered by other wives during breaks, while he was approached by the other husbands who quietly thanked him for speaking up.

It appears to me from what they told us about this program that they actually expect to strengthen marriages by convincing the husbands to cater and kowtow to their wives all the time.  Yes, be a good little gamma/delta, put your wife on that pedestal, and everything will be great!  That is, until she loses all respect for and attraction to you and leaves you for another man.


Res Ipsa said...


Feminism isn't destroying America fast enough? They had to get a gov program to accelerate the process. Incredible!

Good for him standing his ground. We need more of it.

Astrosmith said...

No kidding.

I'm wondering something. Now that a few states have gay marriage, and if some of these folks go to this seminar, which one would be wrong? I suppose that the one that is more butch would be the wrong one, regardless.

As for my friend, I mentioned VP to him, so he will be checking Vox out I'm sure. In our other conversations, he sounded like he was repeating some of Vox's recent posts already.