Friday, April 18, 2014

Career Inertia

A career at rest tends to stay at rest. A career in motion tends to stay in motion.

Or something like that. They are keeping me too busy to really consider any other options. There's so much work to do that thinking of leaving just violates my innate desire to see the job done to completion, which is quite a ways off. Yet I have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to earn enough money staying where I am so that I can get out of debt and save for the kids and retirement. Then again, I am on a pension which, along with Social Security, is pretty much the only retirement I have so far. That pension is worth quite a lot, and if I were to leave, I would have to make, and save, at least $20K more per year to break even.

Dammit, it was supposed to turn out better than this.

Maybe we'll get that big economic collapse after all, and it won't matter.


Res Ipsa said...

I feel ya man.

Bob said...

"Dammit, it was supposed to turn out better than this."

My words exactly a few short years ago.

I now realize it's exactly how the powers that be intended it for me - and intend it for you - for it to turn out.

You will end up with little or no return from your pension or 401K, -Wall street and the bankers will see to that - you will get just enough SS to exist on, and finally end up - useless, hopeless, alone - on a plastic covered bed in a Medicaid hell hole to die.

Less than one in a thousand of us die peacefully in our own beds, so don't count on that happening.

Less than one in ten thousand will have family step up and care of us till the end in their homes, they will not have the time, the space, or the money.

While you are still relatively young and healthy go check our those "retirement" homes sprouting up everywhere. Not the ones for the privileged and rich, the ones being built for you and me.

What's the solution? Get a few of those pills that spies carry and make it quick, but test out one on your dog first.

Or maybe that plastic covered bed, messy diapers, really bad food, along with Nurses and aides that don't give a damn sounds like a good way to go? Life does not seem so precious when bed sores have opened large wounds on your butt that your urine settles into for hours on end.

You are absolutely correct:

It wasn't supposed to end this way.

But it does, thanks to all those bankers, lawyers, politicians and Wall Street cretins that are stealing us blind.

You know... God's Chosen.

Susan said...

Astro, only thing I can suggest is take it to the Lord. He knows exactly where you are, and what you are feeling. But like all parents, He wants you to talk to Him about it.

There may be a reason that you aren't aware of yet that you are in your current situation. But since God can see that whole picture, He is getting you ready for it, ready to deal with it and for you and your family to survive it.